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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nan'gok rescanned

This late summer I've undertaken a rather big scanning project, supposedly taking place alongside writing a conference presentation, of my Korea photographs from 1999 and from my later visits. Among them are photos taken of Nan'gok, a hillside neighborhood in Sillim 7-dong, southern Seoul, which was leveled in 2003 to make room for an apartment block area. I have had the same photographs in display also before, but these are scanned from negatives and not from paper prints, so the picture quality is supposed to be much better. (Clicking the pictures below will open a 1024 pixel wide version of the photograph at Flickr.)

Some pieces of Flickr photo set 난곡 2000년 Nan'gok, Seoul in 2000. Photographed on March 24, 2000.

난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul
In pictures above and below, the ongoing apartment house construction on the top of the hill in Sillim 10-dong is visible.
 난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

 난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

 난곡 Nan'gok, Seoul

Alternatively, see the pictures as a slideshow.

Nan'gok in September 2001: only some of the houses had been demolished, but most of the people had already left. Photographed on September 14, 2001.

난곡 2001 Nan'gok

난곡 2001 Nan'gok

난곡 2001 Nan'gok

난곡 2001 Nan'gok

난곡 2001 Nan'gok

The 2001 pictures as a slideshow

난곡 2002 Nan'gok. Photographed on June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
이 슬라이드를 스캔하다 보니 아이들이 있더군. 2002년6월13일. Only after scannin this slide I saw the two children in it. June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
호남 상회. 같은 가게의 2000년의 사진도 참조. 2002년6월13일. Honam sanghoe. A disproportionally large part of the population in this kind of neighborhoods are from the southwestern Chôlla (Jeolla) province, known also as Honam, so such a name for a shop is no surprise. See the same shop in 2000. June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
"살림이 있으니 6월20일전에는 아무도 들어가지 마세요." 2002년6월13일. "People live here, so please do not enter before June 20." June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
서신 쌀, 연탄. 2002년6월13일. Rice and coal briquet shop. June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
2002년 여름에 남아 있는 마지막 주민들은 세입자들이었다. 집주인이 아니라 세 들어서 살기 때문에 보상금이 많이 안 나왔기 때문에 갈 곳이 잘 없었다. "난곡세입자다모임"이라는 단체를 만들고 자기 권리를 찾으려고 애를 썼었지만 결국 그대로 떠날 수밖에 없었다.2002년6월13일. In the summer of 2002, there were only renting tenants left in the area. They were unhappy with the meager compensation they had been rewarded, as it was unsufficient to find decent accommodation elsewhere. This is the office of the association they had formed. June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
난곡세입자다모임의 최 대표. 카메라를 갖고 있는 나한테 사진을 부탁하였다. 2002년6월13일. The head of the renters' association, Mr Ch'oe (Choi). June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
세입자다모임의 사무실에서 점심식사. 2002년6월13일. Lunch in the office of the renters' association. June 13, 2002.

난곡 2002 Nan'gok
공가 철거 결사 반대. 난곡세입자다모임이 걸었던 현수막. 결사까지 반대했다고 했었지만 결국은 철거를 막지는 못 했다.2002년6월13일. "Resisting the demolition with our lives" says the banner raised by the Nan'gok renters' association. June 13, 2002.

Nan'gok in December 2006:
Redeveloped Nan'gok, 2006

Redeveloped Nan'gok, 2006

all my Nan'gok pictures in Flickr (tag: 난곡)

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<Anonymous Anonymous> said on 16.8.07 : 

Wow. I had no idea development like in Nan-gok was that recent. Thanks for sharing.

<Anonymous Anonymous> said on 6.9.07 : 

흥미롭군요, 핀란드인이신가요?
잘 보고 갑니다.. 한국에서 공부하시는지 궁금해요. ^^
전 영국에서 공부하는 한국 유학생입니다.

<Anonymous Anonymous> said on 20.9.07 : 


핀란드사람이지요. 한국에서 공부하고 박사논문을 위한 현지조사를 했었는데, 학위를 핀란드에서 받고 지금 핀란드에 살고 일하고 있습니다.

<Blogger Nina> said on 7.4.08 : 

와 그렇군요-
저는 지금 영국 런던에 살고 있는데, 블로그 흥미롭게 잘 봤습니다.
제 블로그는 http://ninas.egloos.com 이곳이랍니다. :)

<Blogger kushibo> said on 19.2.09 : 

Though I'm one of those evil landlords hoping to make a profit from my property being redeveloped, I feel for the people who live in these areas, and it saddens me not only that the old homes are disappearing, but that they largely haven't been kept up for the last part of their life.

It's quite a dilemma for the residents here, especially the renters: First they suffer neglect because nobody else wants to live there; then they suffer abuse because suddenly everybody wants to live there.

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