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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

(Urban space) More about the new Seoul bus line system

Doesn't it make my blog look more scholarly when I add the authoritative-looking "urban space" in front of the title?

There's a quite thorough explanation of the new Seoul bus line system in Chosun Ilbo.
This is a rough chart of the new system:

Link to a Korean language explanation of the four kinds of bus lines by Chosun.

This bus line reform gives us also a change to observe the development of Anglo-Korean, as I'd like to call the originally English language elements in Korean (in the manner of Sino-Korean). The Korean-language explanation in Chosun Ilbo's page goes for example as follows:

• 간선노선 (Blue Bus) : 시외곽, 도심, 부도심 등 서울시내 먼거리 운행
• 지선노선 (Green Bus) : 간선버스와 지하철의 연계환승
• 광역노선 (Red Bus) : 수도권과 서울의 도심 · 부도심을 급행 연결
• 순환노선 (Yellow Bus) : 도심, 부도심 내 업무, 쇼핑 등 통행 수요 대응

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