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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blog block; the Sci-Tech-Info-Comm. committee members

Sent a message both to the private e-mail and to the homepage message board of the committee chairperson Lee Hae-bong. (If interested, see the message in rep. Lee's homepage.)

So my cyber lobby still waits to be done, but here's a list of the members of the parliamentary committee (Sci.Tech.Info.Comm.) and their webpages. (The list of committee members in Korean in the committee homepage.)
Name           Party            website  
이해봉(李海鳳) Lee Hae-bong 한나라당 http://www.haebong.or.kr
서상기(徐相箕) Suh Sang-kee 한나라당 http://blog.naver.com/sks1946.do
홍창선(洪昌善) Hong Chang-sun 열린우리당 http://www.cshong.or.kr
강성종(康聖鐘) Kang Sung-jeong(?)열린우리당 http://www.kangsj.or.kr/
권선택(權善宅) Kwon Sun-taek 열린우리당 http://www.okchoice.or.kr
김낙순(金洛淳) Kim Nak-soon(?) 열린우리당 http://www.gokns.com/
변재일(卞在一) Byun Jae-il 열린우리당 http://www.open21.or.kr/
염동연(廉東淵) Yum Dong-yun 열린우리당 http://www.ydy21.or.kr/
유승희(兪承希) Yoo Seung-hee(?)열린우리당
이종걸(李鍾杰) Lee Jong-kul 열린우리당 http://www.ljk.co.kr
정동채(鄭東采) Chung Dong-chea 열린우리당 http://www.dc21.or.kr
정세균(丁世均) Chung Sye-kyun 열린우리당 http://www.skchung.or.kr
강재섭(姜在涉) Kang Jae-sup 한나라당 http://www.kang4you.com
김석준(金錫俊) Kim Suk-joon 한나라당 http://www.kimsukjoon.net
김영선(金映宣) Kim Young-sun 한나라당 http://www.kimyoungsun.com
김희정(金姬廷) Kim Hee-jung(?) 한나라당 http://www.khjkorea.com/
심재엽(沈在曄) Shim Jae-yup 한나라당 http://www.sjy.or.kr/
진영(陳永) Chin Young 한나라당 http://www.chinyoung.com
한화갑(韓和甲) Hahn Hwa-kap 새천년민주당 http://www.hhk21.com
류근찬(柳根粲) Ryu Keun-chan 자유민주연합 http://www.bestanchor.co.kr/

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