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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pak Chi-man to get married

The son of the former president Park Chung-hee, Park Ji-man (Pak Chi-man), (46, chairman of EG company) is getting married with lawyer Seo Hyang-hee (30), tells Chosun Ilbo (you didn't expect to read this in Hankyoreh, did you?). The two met in a luncheon two months ago, started dating and decided to get married after getting the acceptance from both families. [Who is it that gives acceptance to Park, as he is the oldest son and both his parents are dead? His older sister Park Geun-hye?]
The age difference is 16 years, and Miss Seo has been calling Mr Park very naturally as oppa ("woman's older brother"). On president Park's death day, October 26, Miss Seo went to present herself (sôn) to Park's older sister Park Geun-hye and other family members.
According to Ms Park's secretary, she is happy for her brother, as she has had so much worries because of him.
Any older sister would be worried if one's little brother is a junkie. Park Ji-man has been penalized for drugs at least six times, but as is well fitting for the Korean judicial system, his circumstances as a son of the former president and as a person whose both parents have been murdered have granted him leniency.

"It is of course a burden to get married with a well-known person, but because Miss Seo likes oppa so much, it'll be ok." This is one way to put it; it'd be too rude to refer to Park's once strong drug habit.

Park Chi-man graduated from the infantry academy, and retired (?) as captain. After his first drug arrest in 1989 the Posco chairman Park Tae-jun recruited him as the vice chairman (pusajang). (Park of Posco took part in Park Chug-hee's 1961 coup as his junior, and was later given the task to build the company, Pohang Steel Company.) Then in 1990s he is said to have gotten 800 mil W from Kim Woo-joong of Daewoo, with which he acquired the ownership of the company which manufactures electronics parts. The company name was changed from Samyang Saneop to EG after getting registered in Kosdaq. [How could a company be named Samyang Sanôp when registered in the technology stock market.]

But no need to be cynical about Park's marriage; hope it helps him to get his act together. (He hasn't been apprehended in 2-3 years now.)

(Meanwhile, Oranckay links to a Hankyoreh discussion on whether marijuana really is harmful.

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<Blogger paperscratcher> said on 14.10.09 : 

부사장 = vice president
부회장 = vice chairman

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