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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sillim 2-dong sights

A correspondent has paid a visit to Sillim 2-dong and provided me with some photographs of the area where I have been hanging around (=doing research).

So shop that for 20 years would have been Ssukkogae Sanghoe or something and ten years ago Ssukkogae Super is now Well-being Mart.
But what is Noksillyôn? Even the allmighty Google is clueless. Sounds like short for something like noksaek silch'ôn yônhap, but who knows.
(c) Jan 2005
The commenter Sy has noted that there's an organization called Noksaek Silch'ôn Yôndae, which most likely is behind Noksillyôn. With little googling, we find that such an organization has been registered as a non-profit organization at the Ministry of Environment on Jan 15, 2005, and its address in Gwanak-gu, Sillim bon-dong is precisely the location that's in the photograph.

A view down from Ssukkogae-gil towards Bongcheon-dong and Sillim-dong. Very little development in the front, a bit more development behind, but no apartment houses. This area, behind my own neighborhoods, has escaped the building boom that could be seen a little further from here since the era of low interests and demand for both better-quality family housing and dorm housing.
(c) Jan 2005

Bongmaeul-gil (Bok-maeul-gil), the street which I've trodden back and forth countless times. Doesn't really seem to have changed in the last few years.
(c) Jan 2005

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Comments to note "Sillim 2-dong sights" (Comments to posts older than 14 days are moderated)

<Blogger Sewing> said on 4.4.05 : 

Hi, Antti:

I have been reading your site for a while, and I like your site very much. Your field of research is quite fascinating.

녹실련 puzzles me, too. This is a case where knowing the 한자 would be invaluable. 녹실 could either mean "green room" (綠室) or perhaps "recording room" (a 녹음 (錄音) is a record; 녹음실 means recording room), but the 련 is puzzling. A quick flip through my 옥편 did not turn up any character that seemed to fit with 녹실. 사모할 련 (戀)? No. 연할 련 (連 as in 연락)? No. 연 련 (蓮; lotus) is intriguing, but it doesn't fit either. So I thought maybe 련 was a misspelling of a character spelled 연 or 련, but that was unsuccessful, too.

A puzzle indeed....

<Anonymous Antti> said on 4.4.05 : 

Thanks for your visit, contribution, and nice words!´

Thinking of how the names of associations and the like are usually abbreviated in Korea, the three characters in a term like 녹실련 tend to be the first characters of the words in the original name. Like 자민련 comes out of 자유민주연합 (right?). So 련 is most likely from 연합 or 연합회. A good choice for 실 is not 室 but 實 as in 실천(實踐), 'practice' or 'put into practice'. And the first thing that comes to mind from 녹, being on top of "Well-being Mart", is of course green 푸를 綠, but we don't even know if the organization is in any way associated with the shop.

<Blogger Sewing> said on 4.4.05 : 

Hi, Antti:

Your analysis makes sense. 연대 is 연세 대학교; 경북 is 경상 북도. I couldn't easily think of anything along those lines, so I thought perhaps 녹실련 was the complete name. It's fairly puzzling, all the same.... Naver often seems to turn up Korean search results that Google misses, but there were no hits at all in Naver for 녹실련.

<Blogger june cho> said on 17.4.05 : 

I can't believe that nobody answers this one yet. 녹실련 stands for 녹색운동실천연합. Its website is:
By the way, your guess is quite right...

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