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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

learning the Korean military rank

Learning the Korean military ranks is kind of tricky, but let's see if this verse of Korean military folklore, 김일병의 비애 (Private Kim's Grief), helps:
소령중령대령은 짚차도둑놈Majuri everstiluutnantti eversti, jeeppivarkaita (major lieutenant colonel colonel, jeep thieves)
소위중위대위는 권총 도둑놈Luutnantti yliluutnantti kapteeni, pyssyvarkaita (lieutenant first lieutenant captain, pistol thieves)
하사중사상사는 모포 도둑놈Alikersantti kersantti ylikersantti, huopavarkaita (staff sergeant segreant master sergeant, blanket thieves)
불쌍하다 일이등병 건빵도둑놈Alokas sotamies ressukat, vanikkavarkaita (poor first and second private, dry bread thieves)

Alternative lyrics also available.


The post above amended: "additional" --> "alternative", and "Korean military folklore" added, English translation added, lyrics blockquoted.

And here are the lyrics from the above link:
작사 : Unknown
작곡 : Unknown
편곡 : Unknown

** 김일병의 비애 **

소령,중령,대령은 양주 쳐먹고
소위,중위,대위는 맥주 쳐먹고
하사,중사,상사는 소주 쳐먹고
불쌍하다! 김일병은 막걸리 쳐먹고.

소령,중령,대령은 호텔방에서
소위,중위,대위는 여관방에서
하사,중사,상사는 여인숙에서
불쌍하다! 김일병은 화장실에서.

소령,중령,대령은 미제 콘돔을
소위,중위,대위는 일제 콘돔을
하사,중사,상사는 국산 콘돔을
불쌍하다! 김일병은 쭈쭈바 껍데기.

소령,중령,대령은 아가씨하고
소위,중위,대위는 아줌마하고
하사,중사,상사는 할머니하고
불쌍하다! 김일병은 평생 딸딸이.
Interesting that similar sentiments exist also among the Finnish conscripts (must be a very universal in such an institution), but professional soldiers (officers) are not taken into account.


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<Blogger Gerry Bevers> said on 26.4.06 : 

That's funny. But why aren't the lyrics on you blog in the lyrics you linked to?

I hope you do not mind my stealing the lyrics to put on my blog. Hopefully a link will be good enough compensation? :)

<Blogger Antti Leppänen> said on 26.4.06 : 

Oh, my choice of words was a bit misleading, or actually I forgot the word "alternative" for the duration of the writing of the note. So it's clearly just an alternative verse of military lore of which there must be other lyrics as well.

And I also didn't make it clear enough that it's all folklore - so there's no need to talk about "stealing"... So I certainly don't mind you "stealing" or reproducing the lyrics, it belongs to the folk!

<Blogger Antti Leppänen> said on 26.4.06 : 

And it's good to learn that you are back updating your blog.

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