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Friday, January 19, 2007

Trying out Flickr (some panoramas)

Seems that I'll have to find another web photo service to upload my vast number of panorama shots I took in Korea. For example this panorama shot of the western part of Jinhae, with the original size of 8571 x 1625, doesn't look that impressive when it is reduced to 1024 pixels in width in Flickr.

Jinhae panorama
Originally uploaded by Anttinen.
Update: click this link to see a 3692x700 pixel (624K) version of the picture.

Sillim 6-dong marketplace, Seoul
(Update: click this link to see a 2511x700 pixel (624K) version of the picture.)
These two are from Sillim 6-dong marketplace in Seoul. This location belongs to the area to be developed as "New Town" (my note from April 2006). According to the official announcement of the Gwanak-gu administration (to which Sillim belongs), the construction is supposed to begin this month (January 2007), so these pics just may end having some historical value, but it wouldn't be the first time a development project is delayed.
Neighborhoods like this are photogenic, mainly because of the ideas of "humaneness" or "human flavor" that people like me have learned to associate with this kind of sceneries as compared to apartment block areas. (I'll have a post coming of what it looks like in Nan'gok now that the apartment block construction is finished; here are my pics of what it looked like there in 2000 and in 2001-2002.)
Sillim 6-dong marketplace, Seoul
(Update: click this link to see a 3093x700 pixel (421K) version of the picture.)
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Comments to note "Trying out Flickr (some panoramas)" (Comments to posts older than 14 days are moderated)

<Anonymous Owen> said on 20.1.07 : 

Nice pics. There is definitely something 'human' about those sorts of areas perhaps, due to the more human scale of the buildings. I really wonder about the future of urban landscapes in Korea because the apartment blocks that are being built now probably won't even last through our lifetimes. In London there has already been a phase of high-rise flat building which is now totally out of fashion and they are generally being replaced by more low rise developments (there is a little bit more space here of course).

By the way, you should be able to get larger pics in flickr. Here's one of mine of Blåfjellenden near Stavanger which is 2048 pixels.

<Blogger matt> said on 20.1.07 : 

Ditto on the nice pics. I've recently become interested in taking panoramas myself, but didn't realize blogger limits the photos to a width of 1024 pixels as well. Bummer. Maybe I'll have to look into this flicker thing...

My area's also getting a new town, so your post has convinced me to get out and photograph it before it's gone...

<Blogger Antti Leppänen> said on 22.1.07 : 

Yes, how were we able to take photographs before there were these easy panorama functions in cameras and software?

Owen, do you have a pro account at Flickr? Its FAQ says that with the free account, the maximum length is 1024 pixels:

As you publish photos they are compressed and re-sized by Flickr (if necessary) in the following sizes:
* 75x75 pixels
* 100 pixels (on the longest side)
* 240 pixels
* 500 pixels
* Large (which will be 1024 pixels if it exceeds that length)
* And the original size (if you hold a pro account)

I do have disk space left at my university account that could house my pics, but I'd prefer another solution.

<Anonymous Owen> said on 22.1.07 : 

Yes, I didn't realise that you have to have a pro account to get the full size option. If you actually intend to use flickr a lot, I would say it's worth the money. It's just about the only (intangible) thing I've ever paid for on the internet.

PS See you at AKSE?

<Blogger matt> said on 25.1.07 : 

My stopgap solution was to use imageshack to host the really large photos like this (I think they have a 1.5 mb limit per photo, but no pixel limit). I then saved the image location and, after uploading the photo to blogger, inserted the imageshack location into the html. I'm sure there are better solutions but I likely won't post photos of that size too often...

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