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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I don't know what kind of statements politicians or people of social activity will give when the situation in the Republic of Korea really gets bad after making the following kinds of headlines:

돌아온 정형근, "지금은 제2의 6.25 전야"

(Reappeared Chông Hyông-gûn: "we're on the eve of the 2nd Korean War"; Pressian)
- "The Roh government is trying to disarm the Republic of Korea and grab the power for good" says the arch-conservative representative Chông (Chung/Jeong/Jung, don't know which).
(핀란드에선 "소련놈을 경계하라"는 뜻으로 쇠붙이를 국경으로라는 말이 있는데, 조갑제 월간조선 편집장이나 정형근 의원이 나타날 때 그 말이 생각난다. "쇠붙이"는 물론 무기라는 뜻이고 국경은 옛소련과의 국경이다.)

Oh, The Voice of People which is so far politically from rep. Chông that they almost meet after going a whole circle, interprets him having said that the 2nd Korean War has already started.

"동학농민전쟁 이후 최대 봉기 맞게 될 것"

("There's going to be the biggest insurrection since the 1894 peasant war"; Ohmynews)
- the farmer activists the ubiquitous Han Sang-nyeol if the Korean rice market is opened. (I think I've yet to see a picture of a so-called progressive demonstration where the Catholic priest Han wasn't present.)

"한나라당의 정치는 결국 히틀러의 정치"

(Grand Korea Party's politics is nothing but Hitler's politics", from Voice of People)
- the lower part of the headline for a discussion of the national security law between two veterans of hunger strike against the law.

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