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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Wage differentials between big and small companies

Table from Hankyoreh.
The numbers show the wage level in
small companies compared to big ones.

Hankyoreh tells that the wage differential between big and small companies is on the average million won (670 €) a month . The wages in companies with 10-499 employed is 2/3 of the companies with 500 or more employed. The average monthly pay in small companies was 2.06 mil W (€1373), and 3.04 million W (€2000) in big companies. The wages in firms with 5-9 employees are 51% of the wages in big firms. (The last figure is down from 58% in 2001.)

Not bad figures for the big companies who need cheap subcontracting. Not good figures for workers in small companies.

It's being said that workers in Korea are developing a class consciousness and start voting not according their home region but their class position. All that is good, but Korea is beginning to be so deep in the international economy, that no class consciousness is going to give them such position that wage laborers were able to enjoy in West Europe before the internationalization of national economies.

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