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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Little Monk broadcast

Disappointing that the movie Little Monk, which is the latest of my this far not so many movie translations will be broadcast at 14.55 o'clock, in the afternoon when hardly anyone will be watching. When a film is decent, the translator develops a kind of affection for the film and hopes that as many as possible could see it; at least in my case as the translation assignments are so few, it's usually just not another work. (Well, Kim Ki-duk's Bird Cage Inn (파란 대문) was a translation assignment to which I couldn't develop affection [chông 情]. And it was not because of his view of Korean society but his view of women.)

On the right is a screen capture of the subtitling program with the finished translation and the timecodes. The text is from the scene in the still picture above, when the young monk is once again asking for money from the temple master for a circumcision.

The program measures the needed time to read each line, and shows it by a red balloon to the right if the time is too short. A voice coming from outside what is shown is usually marked by italics.

The maximum is 60 characters in the screen at once on two lines; this might make problems with a language with as long words as Finnish, especially when there are no corresponding terms for condenced terms and expressions as in this film. For example I would have liked to give a more precise translation for the line chaega kkûnnan moyangida (the prayer for the dead seems to have ended) by the temple worker spoken to the little monk than just rukous näyttää loppuneen ("prayer seems to have ended"), but due to lack of time in the dialogue had to do with just "prayer" instead of "prayer for the dead" (chae 齋).

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