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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Makkolli cartel

Korean sign language for makkôlli: the sign for rice and a squeeze with hands. Googled from the sign language site of Northern Jeolla Internet Education Broadcasting.
If anyone has been paying attention to any abnormalities in makkôlli (alcohol made of rice) distribution lately, it's been because the manufacturers have been agreeing on measures to restrict makkôlli (t'akchu 濁酒 in legalese Korean) supply after the restrictive legislation had been loosened (Hankyoreh). The Fair Trade Commission has been investigating the matter.

Ytimekkäin kuulemani suomenkielinen määritelmä makkôllille on muuten riisikilju.

A couple of more words of Korean sign language from the food signs page and elsewhere:
Soju: grabbing one's nose with thumb and index finger
Alcohol: raising middle and index finger from chin to forehead
Coffee: raising the right index finger to one's nose and then lowering it as if to stir coffee in a cup formed with the other hand
Western food (yangsik 洋食): signs for USA and to eat (ok, I'll allow some shortcuts, but wouldn't that sign have been appropriate for junk food ;)
Jong-no (street in downtown Seoul): grabbing right wrist with left hand and swinging right hand to left and right (hmm?)
Han River: making nr 1 with right hand and making waves with both hands

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