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Monday, November 15, 2004

moral downfall of Hunjangûi karûch'im

When one's too busy to make notes on anything worthwile, one can blog about the google search results that lead people to one's place. This most recent shows that something's gone terribly wrong at Hunjangûi karûch'im; the first Google hit for photographs of pimps gives this site. Unfortunately for the googler, I can't provide what she or he was looking for.
Update. Oops, now that I click this link hunjang comes only fifth.

Another one googled in Korean for "서울, 1964년 겨울 -레포트" apparently because the person needs to write a school report about the short story of that name.
야 임마, 니 레포트를 니가 쓰라 이 사람아. 아무리 싫어도.

I guess I'll have to go the grave without ever getting to know why one earth would anyone do a search on the term But you are a male . im not always, actually im never and why would Hunjangûi karûch'im come up as 12th? Is that a song line or what?

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