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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

business proposal from former prez's bro

The former presidents of the Republic of Korea have provided spammers nicely with material. Last spring I was approached by Mr Jang Doo-Hwan, the "brother of the former president Chun Doo-hwan." This time I received a message from Mr Noh Dae-jung, the "The brother of GENERAL. NOH TAE-WOO, the former President of South Korea."
My name is NOH DAE-JUNG, The brother of GENERAL. NOH TAE-WOO, the former President of South Korea who ascended to power through a popular electoral victory in 1988 to 1992. After serving duly, he was accused of mass embezzlement which ran into billions of won because of the GREAT OLYMPICS 1988 which brought Korea to the world lime light, and was arrested but released after long years of incarceration and now under scrutiny.

Before my brother's was overthrown, I secretly siphoned the sum of 30 million United States Currency out of Seoul and deposited the money with a security firm that transports valuable goods and through diplomatic means.I am contacting you because I want you to deal with the security company and claim the money on my behalf since I have declared that the consignment belong to my foreign business partner.

You shall also be required to assist me in investment in your country. I expect you to declare what percentage of the total money you will take for your assistance. When I receive your positive response I will let you know where the security company is and the payment pin code to claim the money which is very important.we do not want the government of my Country to know about the money because they will believe I got the money from my brother while he was still in office as president .Once you confirm the receipt of the money ,I will come over with my Children to your Country or any Country in Europe to start a new life with my Family.

What I'd really like to know is whether the other brothers Noh Chung-hee and Noh Doo-hwan are also going to be business partners. If not, count me out.

What is quite funny is that the Noh family (don't know anything about any brothers) has a quite a nice history of embezzlement besides the president's bribe funds. His daughter's cash smuggling in the 80s, brother-in-law Chey Tae-won's (this daughter's husband) escapades with accounting frauds... So there might actually be a won or two available.

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<Blogger usinkorea> said on 27.9.05 : 

Not even orignial. They stole the idea from the Nigerians - I think it was - or some other African nation that had some people make a killing in the late 1990s off such emails. I had a former student of another teacher, in fact, wake me up early one morning when I was teaching 12 hour days to have me listen to him read the spam mail from his office in Soeoul, because he and his business partner wanted to know if it was a good idea to give the Nigerian gangsters their bank account information so they could hide millions from the corrupt government. No matter how many times I told them "No", he kept wanted to make sure he had read the email correctly because they didn't want to miss a chance to make a quicky few hundred thousand dollars. I kept telling him I had gotten the same email a couple of times and nobody could possibly be stupid enough to give their personal account information over the internet. ------- I was apparently wrong.....

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