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Saturday, November 19, 2005

grandmother grandfather in hangul

Someone had googled for "grandmother grandfather in hangul". I don't think I was able to provide the answer for that inquiry this time, but just in case for the next time:

grandmother: 그랜드마서, 그란드마더 etc

grandfather: 그랜드파더 등

나 한글 잘 하지?

Comments to note "grandmother grandfather in hangul" (Comments to posts older than 14 days are moderated)

<Anonymous Anonymous> said on 20.11.05 : 

할아버지/할머니 grand father/mother

<Blogger Muninn> said on 20.11.05 : 

Fascinating to see how people get to our website. While I assure you that no one made this claim on the website, Frog in a Well Japan, for example, had someone get to our website by searching for "Itô Hirobumi understood korea"

<Blogger redskinfankorea> said on 30.11.05 : 

Grandmother = 할머니
Grandfather = 할아버지

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