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Monday, January 25, 2010

New set of old photographs in Flickr

Until yesterday, it had been one year since I've added anything to this site. This time I added some photographs taken in various restaurants in Korea, mainly about 10 years ago when I was conducting dissertation fieldwork in Seoul. The most recent ones in the Flickr set, added already earlier, are from my latest visit to Korea in December 2006 - January 2007.

식당 • Restaurants set at Flickr
Set as slideshow

Restaurant 식당
서울 신림2동 1999년6월5일 • Seoul, Sillim 2-dong, June 5, 1999

Restaurant 식당
왼쪽부터 주인 아주머니의 언니, 아들, 친구, 주인 아주머니. 서울 신림2동 1999년3월25일 • Seoul, Sillim 2-dong, March 25, 1999

Restaurant 식당
추어탕집의 부부. 남자는 "풍"이라고 하는 병을 앓았기 때문이 일을 별로 할 수가 없어 실제 주인과 운영자는 여자였다. 폐업을 2000-2001년 사이에 했다. 서울 신림2동, 1999년11월6일 • Seoul, Sillim 2-dong, Nov 6, 1999

식당 • Restaurants set at Flickr
Set as slideshow

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Call for papers: NAJAKS 2010: Bridging Japan and Korea

Call for Papers (NAJAKS website)

The 8th NAJAKS Conference: Bridging Japan and Korea

August 19 -21, 2010
Helsinki, Finland

Japan and Korea have long historical relations of interaction and entanglement. However, recent history has been overshadowed by the Japanese colonial rule of Korea (1910-1945), Korea’s partition (1948) and the Korean War (1950-1953). It is only in the post-Cold War context that the attempts at the reconciliation of political, historical and cultural issues on various levels – governmental, semi-governmental, academic, civil, popular and grass-roots – have become possible in Japan and Korea. The political, social, cultural as well as other issues related to Japan and Korea are by no means peripheral or particular on the world map. On the contrary, they raise a number of critical questions concerning, for example, modernity, colonialism, post-colonialism, militarism, the nation-state, the Cold War and the post-Cold War era. The histories of Japan and Korea are entangled in complex and ironical manners not only within East Asia but also in the larger modern world order. Therefore, the studies on Japanese and Korean experiences, their interrelation, tension, conflict and attempts at reconciliation provide a vantage point to examine critical issues that are relevant for broader subjects as well.

We invite abstracts from scholars in various stages of their career and students, among others. The presentation topic does not have to be exactly on the theme. Broadly related topics are also welcomed.

Keynote Speaker is Professor Seungsook Moon, Vassar College, USA.

There is no conference fee, however, participants are responsible for their own travel costs and accommodation.

The conference consists of six sections and conveners are indicated below with e-mail addresses:

1. Social and political sciences (Antti Leppänen, antti.leppanen[a]gmail.com)
2. Cultural studies and anthropology (Mikako Iwatake, mikako.iwatake[a]helsinki.fi)
3 History (Mikako Iwatake)
4. Literature (Miika Pölkki, miika.polkki[a]helsinki.fi)
5. Linguistics (Jeong-Yong Kim, jeong-yong.kim[a]helsinki.fi)
6. Teaching Japanese and Korean languages (Jeong-Yong Kim)

Please send an abstract (500-800 words) with a brief biography or CV (maximum 1 page) in an e-mail attachment to the convener by March 10th, 2010. We will inform applicants about our decision around March 20th, 2010.

For further information, please contact Mikako Iwatake, University of Helsinki.

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